About Queen Bee Hand Made Soap


Our planet is an amazing place, full of natural wonders and a rich diversity of life. It's incredibly resilient and sustaining, but increasingly stressed by the excesses placed upon it by our growing population.

None of our products contain, nor will they ever contain Palm Oil, often referred to as "Vegetable Oil" in ingredient statements. Most, if not all commercial soaps do. Palm Oil is harvested from plantations that have replaced, in most cases, virgin rainforest that was once home to incredible bio-diversity, including some of our closest (evolutionary) relatives.

Life is stressful. We wanted to create a range of products that not only relieved some of that stress, but also provided a luxurious experience for body and soul, a personal indulgence that didn't, literally, "cost the earth". All Queen Bee Handmade products not only look beautiful, but they are functional. They are, as far as possible, locally hand made with attention to detail and quality from the best natural and sustainable ingredients available.

We use only Australian extra virgin olive oil, reducing the distance one of our fundamental ingredients needs to travel to go into our product. Our exclusive use of recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging and product also reflects these fundamental Queen Bee Handmade brand values. Sustainability and indulgence don't have to be mutually exclusive. We just need to think about it. Queen Bee Handmade has thought about it. It's what created us. It's what inspires and creates our products, all of which embody this simple philosophy. They must.